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Little Red Barn Chick Brooder

Little Red Barn Chick Brooder
Little Red Barn Chick Brooder
Product Code: MH-0010
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Price: $19.99


The Little Red Barn Chick Brooder is the perfect home for your day-old chicks.  It is designed to house approximately 18 standard chicks.  The outside is printed with colorful artwork showing farm animals and general chick care instructions.  Fun and engaging for the kids while helping to guide you thru the process of successfully raising your young birds.  There is a built in chick starter feeder in the corner.  This brooder is designed to minimize draft and retain a more steady temperature inside.  When the chicks are several days old and ready to explore wider spaces, simply remove one end wall to allow chicks into their new home, while providing a safe retreat when they need warmth or comfort.  Ships to retailers in 14 pc PDQ floor display.


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